Big Game Marlin Fishing in Kona HI

The Hawaiian Islands are a Big Game Fishing haven. Especially along the Kona Coast where some of the World’s deepest ocean currents upwell nutrients toward light creating miles of shimmering plankton-rich surface slicks throughout the calmest fishing grounds known.​

This very deep indigo, calm place is known as God’s Pond.

But don’t be lulled to sleep trolling around this seductive ocean destination. The most energetic, outrageous, and monstrous blue marlin in the world’s oceans continue to overwhelm veteran Big Game Fishing teams with the very best-laid plans, modern tackle, and custom wooden boats year-after-year on the Kona Coast.

These converging super nutrients sustain both the great pelagic fish of west Hawaii and a most advanced BioSecure Zone vitamin and antioxidant corporation located at Keāhole Point: NUTREX HAWAII. This humongous island and diverging currents force pristine cold water and essential minerals far up to persistent sunlight and starlight forming the potent blooms of phytoplankton and zooplankton biomass. This biomass is now recognized as one of the largest plankton colonies in all of the World’s oceans. Thriving by day and night, this lively gyre of upwelling nutrients and the resulting oceanic microbiome gorge the entire food chain from the vast microscopic plankton to massive apex sea creatures. Such as the elusive giant squid, the mysterious resident sperm whales, and striking big fish!

The perennial grand fish. Easy access to vast calm fishing grounds. Ability to fish high-potential waters over 300 days a year. Nearby fragrant, cool, lofty mountain slopes where natural sleep is easy every night. And a belly full of fresh fish and sweet and savory Big Island treats while chilling in a tropical rain forest high above a very secure harbor with green flash sunsets and Aloha Spirit community are some of the many special ingredients that make Kona Hawaii the epicenter for high adventure and Big Game Fishing records. That is, personal records and IGFA World Records.

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