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The Kona Coast of west Hawaii is the largest lee shore of any island throughout the entire Pacific Ocean.

Fishing along the Kona Coast is delightfully calm well over 300 days a year.​

There are three enormous volcanic mountains Mauna Kea (13,803 feet), Hualalai (8,271 feet) and Mauna Loa (13,679 feet) that create a massive barrier which blocks the prevailing NE Trade Winds along the perpetually calm Kona Coast.

This world famous Big Game Fishing destination is known as God’s Pond for its’ unique calm water within one of deepest ocean basins on Earth where pristine plankton-rich currents are forced upward into sunlight by the Big Island’s underwater ramping structure. These bountiful fishing grounds extend along a very clam patch, which is a large segment making up about 70 miles along the Kona Coast.​

*Please note that many visitors will experience high winds when staying in the Waikoloa area along the south Kohala Coast just north of the Kona Coast, where the prevailing NE Trade Winds funnel down from Waimea through the gap between Mauna Kea and Hualalai to the south and Kohala (5,480 feet) to the north; however, the very clam 70 mile patch of ocean where we fish along the sheltered Kona Coast is south of the often windy Kohala Coast.

West Hawaii’s Kona Coast – lee shore, deep water – BIG FISH