Tournament-Ready Fishing Tackle

AFTCO Storabutts – Model: SB6C – Curved/Long – Black
ALUTECNOS – Albacore Two-Speed series 130 2S Reels
SEAMOUNT – 2021 Charles Perry Pro Bucket Harness
FISHERMAN’S CENTER – Custom 7 ft. Carbon Fiber Flying Gaff 10″ Titanium Hook
SO-LO MARINE – Flying Gaff 8″ Stainless Steel Hook with Patented Adjustable Tension Release

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Artist, anatomist, architect, astronomer, botanist, cartographer, engineer, geologist, hydrodynamist, mathematician, musician, luthier, theater producer, scientist, inventor, and founder of the High Renaissance.

Made in Italy




Infinite antireverse system, right flange and two-button gear change. The “two speed” model is equipped with five protected stainless steel ball bearings, a tempered stainless steel gear wheel and gears and a drag washer made from the latest carbon composite. These characteristics ensure long hours of fighting while maintaining sound braking characteristics, smooth reeling and eliminating the occurrence of stick-slip. All the aluminium parts have been carefully polished, ultrasonically cleaned, buffed and provided with anodizing.

The Alutecnos Albacore Two-Speed series 130 2S reels features an infinite anti-reverse system that’s made as a single component through mechanical CNC processing and applied to all models. Alutecnos machines each of the reel’s parts using CNC processes from a bar of special aluminum alloy specifically manufactured for marine environments, and all of the company’s reels are subject to rigorous dimensional checks.

The design and manufacturing process of albacore reel stems from a collaborative effort involving all of the staff at Alutecnos. A commitment aimed not only at improving the technological content, but also at paying attention to design. The result is a product that stands out for aesthetic and technical aspects with outstanding attention to details. Such details include the infinite “anti-reverse” system applied to trolling reel for the first time. The frontal cam and lock release button for placing the automatically rearming gear lever into “free” or “full” mode. Five bearings and gears made from tempered stainless steel guarantee further resistance from corrosion. The system for anchoring the reel to the rod is robust and reliable using four anchor screws. The drag washer is made from the latest carbon composite and is appropriately protected to ensure smooth and consistent use during the most intense battles, the occurrence of “stick-slip” is virtually eliminated. All of the aluminum parts have been buffed ultrasonically cleaned, polished and anodized with a gold finish. All of the parts have been machined from bars using CNC working processes and are subjected to rigorous dimensional and quality control checks.

Particular attention is paid to processing cycles and the careful selection of the highest quality of raw materials and components available. The results in a technically perfect product. The special assembly technique permits all screws (made exclusively from stainless steel AISI 316) to be loosened even after long periods in harsh marine environments. The graphic are applied using computerized laser technology. Eight models are available from 12 to 80/130 lbs, in the right-hand and left-hand version. All of which equipped with a handy nylon carry. These technical characteristics and attention to every last detail combine to make the albacore reel a unique and reliable product. The carefully chosen simplicity and ease of operation makes for a unique and highly competitive product, perfect for the big-game angler willing to make a serious commitment to their sport.

All the parts have been machined from a bar of a special aluminum alloy specifically manufactured for marine environments, using CNC working processes and subject to rigorous dimensional checks. Particular attention is paid to careful selection of raw materials and components (all of the highest quality) resulting in the manufacture of a technically perfect product. All the aluminum parts have been carefully polished, ultrasonically cleaned, buffed and provided with gold anodizing. Elegant graphics are stamped onto reels using laser technologies and rendering the design indelible over time.

Mono Capacity (130-pound): 930 yards
Gear Ratio (High/Low): 2.2:1 / 1.1:1
Weight: 165 ounces
MSRP: $1,998.00

Five stainless Steel shielded bearings
One free wheel bearing
Drag in carbon composite
Elements in Anti-Corrosion 6082 Aluminum
Fixing elements in AISI 316 Stainless steel
Gear in stainless steel
Drive Lever with patented CAM mechanism
Entirely CNC machined from bars
Laser Printed Graphics

Our rods are built to IGFA standards with extra tough E-Glass and utilize the tried and true Polyester resin system. This same technology for these products can also be found in our commercial fishing applications.​

AFTCO Storabutts – Model: SB6C – Curved/Long – Black
The Aftco Storabutt is a handle and reel seat combination designed especially for big game anglers who use curved butts. The reel seat is ferruled at both ends to permit removal of the butt section of your rod without having to also remove your reel, thereby disturbing your terminal tackle.​

The all new 2021 Charles Perry Pro Bucket Harness was designed in collaboration with IGFA Hall of Fame Captain Charles Perry. It was designed with the same technology as our MOKO standup fighting harness. Superior design, extreme comfort and it catches big fish! The 2021 model features upgraded fabric and graphics. You probably are not lucky enough to have CP In your cockpit leadering the biggest fish of your lifetime….but you can have the Charles Perry Pro Bucket Harness!
– Jerry Meredith​

Don’t miss the big one with our custom 7 ft carbon fiber 10″ titanium hook flying gaff. The titanium hook boasts a strength 4x that of a stainless steel hook. The entire gaff weighs less than 3 lbs! This makes it easy to reach out and stick that big fish even with one arm.
– Bill Buckland

SO-LO MARINE – Flying Gaff 8″ Stainless Steel Hook with Patented Adjustable Tension Release
Family-owned-and-operated American manufacturers since 1897

As avid boaters & sport anglers, I, as my father, and his before, along with family, friends and members of my company, have spent countless hours, personal effort and considerable money attempting to catch “The Big One.” We’ve been disappointed many times, when one got away, especially due to equipment failure… so we decided to FIX that. Growing up as boaters and anglers, we have gained practical experience, learned and developed a feel for our craft, needed by anglers and boaters alike.​

With four generations of manufacturing and fabrication know-how, combined with our passion for being on the water, this led to a natural desire to design and build new gear and improve upon existing solutions that were already on the market. This was the beginning of So-Lo Marine® in 1982.

Our goal is, and has always been, to use over 124 years of our developed manufacturing capabilities and know-how to produce the finest quality marine products and purpose-built gear to deliver superior products to the marketplace.​

So-Lo’s FLYING GAFF has a patented ADJUSTABLE TENSION RELEASE which allows you to preset the tension you want for your type of fishing, and know your flying gaff will release – when you want it to release – first time every time! The stainless steel and Acetal coupling has adjusting rings for setting the exact tension you are comfortable with. Set the tension with the scale you set the drag or your reel or “custom set it” by “trial and error”. When you “wire” your fish, the flying gaff hook will penetrate, “first time every time” when preset properly. After the hook sinks in, it will smoothly release from the handle, “every time”. There is no need to worry about the fish “rolling the wrong way”, saltwater “freezing the release” or “Breakaway Line” not releasing properly!
– Michael G. Hawie SO-LO MARINE



When outfitting my latest boat, ISLAND GIRL, I had the honor of many bright conversations with Michael Hawie during the dim global lockdowns. We reminisced about the legendary Kona fishing days onboard the BLACK BART and how special it was for him, his father and family.

Later when my new gaffs arrived to Kona, I learned that Michael made them without his usual staff, which was greatly appreciated. But the real surprise was that he never sent me an invoice, even after multiple asks. So the ISLAND GIRL is blessed with some very generous custom gaffs created during the bitter cold Connecticut winter without heat for the factory or any help from the other skilled workers during the lockdowns.

So I humbly stand by waiting for Michael to visit Kona, and fish gratis… anytime.
Especially if he and his family would like some fun in the sun during the NE winters.

Much Gratitude, Aloha Doc