Kona, Hawaii Charters

The Hawaiian Islands are a Big Game Fishing haven. Especially along the Kona Coast where the deepest ocean currents upwell nutrients toward light creating miles of shimmering plankton-rich surface slicks throughout the calmest Big Game Fishing grounds known.

​Planning fishing around the moon and tides is essential for giving yourself the best opportunity to encounter aggressive fish that bite! There are about 15 optimal days per month relative to the moon and tides, but the opportunity to catch fish can sometimes be during those other 15 days a month.

​The best days have rising tides during most of the hours fished, one or two tide changes during that time is better yet, and a moon rise or moon set during the hours fished is another major bonus!

​For example, having a low tide early when beginning your fishing day, and then a rising tide for many hours with a high tide later in the day, along with either a moon rise or moon set during that time would be a great window of Big Game Fishing opportunity.