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45) TuTu           JULY 28, 1987.png

But don't be lulled to sleep trolling around this seductive ocean destination. The most energetic, outrageous, and monstrous blue marlin in the world's oceans continue to overwhelm veteran Big Game Fishing teams with the very best-laid plans, modern tackle, and custom wooden boats year-after-year on the Kona Coast. 

These converging super nutrients sustain both the great pelagic fish of west Hawaii and a most advanced BioSecure Zone vitamin and antioxidant corporation located at Keāhole Point. This humongous island and diverging currents force pristine cold water and essential minerals far up to persistent sunlight and starlight forming the potent blooms of phytoplankton and zooplankton biomass. Thriving by day and night, this lively gyre of upwelling nutrients and vast oceanic microbiome gorge the entire food chain from microscopic plankton to massive apex sea creatures. Such as the elusive giant squid, mysterious sperm whales, and striking big fish!
The perennial grand fish. Easy access to vast calm fishing grounds. Ability to fish high-potential waters over 300 days a year. Nearby fragrant, cool, lofty mountain slopes where natural sleep is easy every night. And a belly full of fresh fish and sweet and savory Big Island treats while chilling in a tropical rain forest high above a very secure harbor with green flash sunsets and Aloha Spirit community are some of the many special ingredients that make Kona Hawaii the epicenter for high adventure and Big Game Fishing records.  Both: personal records and IGFA World Records. 

Easy... Hana Hou,

Aloha Doc



REEL BIG FISH                    808-747-6758

The Hawaiian Islands are a Big Game Fishing haven. Especially along the Kona Coast where the deepest ocean currents upwell nutrients toward light creating miles of shimmering plankton-rich surface slicks throughout the calmest fishing grounds known.

This very deep indigo, calm place is known as God's Pond.

Molten lava rock from Kilauea churned up deep-sea nutrients feeding a massive phytoplankton bloom.



Giant Black or Blue Marlin represent the most ambitious and highly respected angling experience.

“GRANDERS”, a fish weighing 1,000+ pounds, are the mark of excellence for a truly striking catch!





Grander History


01/15/2013   1008   Ernie France   Kona, Hawaii

01/07/2012   1040.5   Paul Morris   Kona, Hawaii

01/30/1992   1143   Pat Smith and Andrea Stamiforth   Kona, Hawaii

01/10/1992   1161   Yasuo Takahashi   Kona, Hawaii

01/20/1974   1170   Bobby Brown   Kona, Hawaii

01/12/1988   1202   Chris Kam and Randy Marks   Kaneohe, Oahu

01/30/2000   1213   Daisuke Yamazaki   Kona, Hawaii

01/01/1986   1229   Richard Hartom   Kona, Hawaii

01/00/2010   1245   Marvin Bethune   Oahu

01/05/1979   1450   Cyril and Paul Burgoyne   Kona, Hawaii


02/28/1986   1016   John Davis   Kona, Hawaii

02/18/2015   1058   Kai Rizzuto   Kona, Hawaii

02/10/1992   1140   John Eddy   Maui (JJ-buoy)

02/25/1978   1143.5   Ray Bayner and Paul Chiakas   Kona, Hawaii

02/16/1997   1230   Isaac Kaialau   Waianae, Oahu



03/28/1989   1000   Del Marsh   Kona, Hawaii

03/11/2007   1011   Tim Rupli   Kona, Hawaii

03/19/2006   1012   Wayne Watanabe   South of O'ahu

03/31/1982   1012.5   Pat Wond, Mitchell Meyer and Ricardo Rellin   Waianae, Oahu

03/25/1960   1014   Jim Schultz   Kona, Hawaii

03/05/2001   1015   Tori Hesedahl   Kahe Power Plant, Oahu

03/21/2015   1040.7   Rex Koga   Kaneohe, Oahu

03/16/2006   1049   Tommy Werner   Kona, Hawai'i

03/12/1989   1053   Jimmy Akiona Sr.   Kona, Hawaii

03/31/2008   1056   Matt Prater   Kona, Hawaii

03/13/2011   1062   Garrett Handwork   Kona, Hawaii

03/05/1989   1100   Ross Kawawaki and Charlie Ching   Waianae, Oahu

03/30/1985   1111   Darien and Clifford Jr.   Kona, Hawaii

03/07/1986   1150   Keone Hoopii   Kaneohe, Oahu

03/21/1985   1188   Thomas Duarte and Del Leid   Kona, Hawaii

03/27/2014   1211   Robert Steffens   Kona, Hawaii

03/01/2016   1222   Capt. Eric Hawkins and First Mate Hopie Hawkins   Molokai

03/25/2008   1252   Ed Noinain   Kona, Hawaii

03/08/1986   1269   Jesse Masagatani and Tommy Medeiros   Kaneohe, Oahu

03/16/1984   1649   Gary Merriman, Rankin Smith Jr. & Roy Imamura   Kona, Hawaii

03/00/1991   1650   All of us   II-buoy, Oahu


04/26/1962   1009   Fred Erickson   Kona, Hawaii

04/29/2003   1014   Tosh Ervin   Kona, Hawaii

04/01/1982   1032   Dirk Britton   Waianae, Oahu

04/01/2002   1036   Paula Pattinson   Kona, Hawaii

04/14/1992   1049   Gilbert Hun   Waianae, Oahu

04/10/2010   1104   Jill and John Anderson   Kona, Hawaii

04/06/2001   1115   David Wolfsen   Kona, Hawaii

04/20/1990   1120   Mickey Waddoups   Kona, Hawaii

04/22/1985   1168   Scott Preece   Kona, Hawaii

04/08/2002   1174   Jeffrey Russell   Kona, Hawaii

04/14/1978   1209   Louis Paulo   Milolii, Hawaii

04/00/1977   1252   William Frando and Nathan Libarios   Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

MAY: 14

05/18/2001   1021   Ramon Flores   Kona, Hawaii

05/21/1990   1037   Stan Phillips and Donald Graciidis Jr.   Kona, Hawaii

05/11/1979   1050   Gary Nakashima and Wesley Takazono   Kaneohe, Oahu

05/25/1986   1050   David Murasaki and Ricky Urada   Kona, Hawaii

05/25/2015   1058.3   Mike and Kendall Michaelis   Manele Bay, Lanai

05/05/1995   1067   Sandy Haught   Barber's Point, Oahu

05/30/1964   1095   Henry Chee   Kona, Hawaii

05/25/1979   1100   Dennis Kunahisa and Crew   Haleiwa, Oahu

05/23/1967   1100   Willie Erickson   Kona, Hawaii

05/20/2005   1132.5   Jeff Van Hove   Kona, Hawaii

05/00/1994   1207   Al Bento   South Shore, Oahu

05/26/2015   1226   Dean Lemman   Kona, Hawaii

05/31/1982   1376   Jay DeBeaubien   Kona, Hawaii

05/05/1990   1400   Roy Hudson   Kona, Hawaii

JUNE: 20

06/00/1994    1007   Vivian Kekahuna and Larry Ho   Kaneohe, Oahu

06/15/1978   1040   Mike Benham   Kona, Hawaii

06/26/1999   1048   Rudy Basmayor   Kona, Hawaii

06/13/1993   1051   Chris Robb   Kona, Hawaii

06/05/2009   1064   Tim O'Halloran   Kona, Hawaii

06/00/1972   1070   Capt. Mike DeRego   Honolulu, Oahu

06/09/1991   1082   Greg Bridler   Kona, Hawaii

06/25/1987   1103   Kelly Everette   Kona, Hawaii

06/28/1994   1109   Drew Richardson and David Harvey   Kona, Hawaii

06/00/1977   1117   Rik Jones   Kona, Hawaii

06/01/2009   1140   Daniel Fuchigami   Lanai

06/30/1987   1153   Stan Sack   Kona, Hawaii

06/26/2002   1178   Armando Pacheco and Ryan Wilson   Haleiwa, Oahu

06/23/2001   1190   Michelle Kobayashi   Hilo, Hawaii

06/10/1984   1195   Don and Joan Taylor   Kona, Hawaii

06/17/1995   1212   Ivan Mochida   Hilo, Hawaii

06/18/2011   1236   Bill Risso, Kenny Risso and Miles Iwasaki   Kaneohe, Oahu

06/18/1977   1350   Harry Grace Jr.   Milolii, Hawaii

06/06/1992   1356   John Livingstone, Bruce Graham and Pete Miccolly   Kona, Hawaii

06/10/1971   1805   Mike Wachtier, Pat Morello, Charles Lewis and Gail Choy   Waianae, Oahu


JULY: 23

07/10/1962   1005   Butch Chee   Kona, Hawaii

07/06/2015   1010   Capt. Paul Andrade & Crew   Hilo, Hawaii

07/01/1998   1019   Daniel O'Callaghan   Kona, Hawaii

07/08/1984   1020   Jimmy Tomei   Waianae, Oahu

07/18/2007   1026.4   Mike Bixler, Jim Bierd and Michael Skaggs   Lahaina, Maui

07/29/2017   1032   Kalei-pua Team   Waianae, Oahu

07/19/1999   1041   Mark Wilby   Kona, Hawaii

07/03/2013   1043   Steve Spina   Kona, Hawaii

07/12/2001   1045   Barrett O'Donnell   Kona, Hawaii

07/01/1984   1055   Lloyd Toriano   Kona, Hawaii

07/22/1985   1060   Herman Gomes and John Langsi   Kona, Hawaii

07/14/2018   1073   Steven Yamasaki   Makahuena, Kauai

07/05/1978   1088   Vaughn Miyauchi   Kona, Hawaii

07/19/2003   1089   Cory Vellalos   Hale'iwa, O'ahu

07/30/2012   1092   Stacy, Kelly, Elijah & Denver   Waianae, Oahu

07/01/1979   1112   Walter Koyanagi   Kona, Hawaii

07/27/1995   1144   Mike Banks   Kona, Hawaii

07/20/1988   1171   Ron Walker and Walt Mahoney Jr.   Kona, Hawaii

07/00/2001   1200   Leonard Huddy   Waianae, Oahu

07/19/1980   1205   Bill and Brad Brontseme and Frank Di Donna   Kona, Hawaii

07/06/2003   1258.5   Miguel Koenig   Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

07/03/1988   1299   Steve Aoki   Kona, Hawaii

07/28/2015   1368   Guy Kitaoka   Kona, Hawaii


08/08/1997   1008   Chuck Blesso   Nawiliwili, Kauai

08/16/1994   1010   Walter Uza   Waianae, Oahu

08/18/2012   1022   Molly Palmer   Kona, Hawaii

08/21/2012   1024   Wayne Thompson & Robert Weidenger   Waianae, Oahu

08/28/1987   1050   James Celestino   Waianae, Oahu

08/07/2000   1053   Jeffery McLaughlin   Kona, Hawaii

08/08/1986   1062   Gil Kraemer   Kona, Hawaii

08/12/2003   1065.5   Mike Nesbitt & Drew Bradley   Miloli'i, Big Island

08/18/2015   1075   Brent Nelson   Kona, Hawaii

08/03/2002   1118   Reese Randall   Lanai, Hawaii

08/09/2001   1140   Kerwin Masunaga   Kona, Hawaii

08/19/1993   1166   Ray Hawkes   Kona, Hawaii

08/26/2015   1309   Michael Bilich   Kona, Hawaii



09/07/1991   1019   Frank Barone   Kona, Hawaii

09/05/1985   1058   Bob Leggio   Kona, Hawaii

09/00/1993   1077   Frieder Boeck and Fred Patricio   Kaneohe, Oahu

09/09/1975   1090   Coates Cobb Adams Sr.   Kaneohe, Oahu

09/08/1965   1148   Bob Unger   Kona, Hawaii

09/17/1985   1183   Steve and Sue Gibbons   Kona, Hawaii

09/25/1978   1257   Robert H. Waryas   Kona, Hawaii

09/13/1983   1265   Hunter Clawson   Milolii, Hawaii

09/03/2003   1299   Gary Largo and Nasario Quemado Jr.   Waianae, Oahu

09/26/1980   1319   Chuck Sullivan   Kona, Hawaii



10/25/1997   1101   Andrew Mau   North Shore, Molokai

10/25/1997   1106  Rodney Kam   North Shore, Molokai

10/29/1993   1199   Doug Jorgensen   Lahaina, Maui

10/02/1993   1277   Ron Foo   Kewalo, Oahu



11/13/1954   1002   George Parker   Hawaii-Kai, Oahu

11/11/1998   1148   Mike Contreras   Port Allen, Kauai

11/01/1996   1174   Paul Ortiz and Chris Cena   Kewalo, Oahu



12/29/2000   1070   John "L.J." Benson and Mark Perkins   Kaneohe, Oahu

12/28/1994   1165   Ken Cort   Kona, Hawaii

12/16/1988   1477   Gary Silva   Kaneohe, Oahu



1998   1000   Howard Hose   Hilo, Hawaii

1981   1002   David Davidson   Maui

1979   1015   Rudy Puana   Kaneohe, Oahu

2012   1039.6   Johnathan Harris   Maalaea, Maui

1993   1051   Capt. Bill Trotter and Ray Dela Cruz   Kaneohe, Oahu

2001   1053   Tony Cordero and Leslie Cansibog   Waianae, Oahu

1978   1112   Capt. Andy Anderson   Honolulu, Oahu

1979   1150   Jimmy Fernandez   Kaneohe, Oahu

1987   1157   Donnita Hamilton   Nanakuli, Oahu​







1)  WEIGHT             DATE        ANGLER                    LOCATION

    1000 lbs.             1998      Howard Hose              Hilo, Hawaii​

Sachi Hose captained the VALERIE H as Howard Hose manned their 130-class Penn International reel. The big marlin ate an 8-lb aku they'd used for bait. The marlin was stored at Suisan Fish Auction for two days before being weighed. When it was placed on the scales, it weighed 999 lbs but was clearly over 1,000 lbs upon capture and even registered scales have an accepted variance of 1 lb at this weight.


 2)  WEIGHT             DATE        ANGLER                    LOCATION

              1000 lbs.             03/28/1989         Del Marsh                     Kona, Hawaii​​​​

This was the second grander of 1989 and the honors fell to Capt. Steve Kaiser and angler Del Marsh on the MEDUSA.

 3)  WEIGHT             DATE        ANGLER                    LOCATION

              1002 lbs.             11/13/1954         George Parker                    Hawaii-Kai, Oahu

George Parker caught the first 1,000-lb blue marlin in the Pacific Ocean while trolling 5 miles off the shore of Oahu on his boat the MONA H. The marlin struck a lure that George had made using a towel rack. George battled the marlin on 80-lb test line, then fought the IGFA for 5 years until they recognized the fish as a blue, not a black, marlin. George's wife Mona was pregnant with a son when George caught his fish and they named the baby Marlin. Marlin Parker grew up and has caught granders of his own.

 4)  WEIGHT             DATE        ANGLER                    LOCATION

 1002 lbs.             1981         David Davidson                    Maui

David Davidson caught his 1002-lb blue while aboard the OHANA KAI. It stood as the Maui County record until February 10, 1992 when it was beaten by a 1140-lb blue.

5)  WEIGHT             DATE        ANGLER                    LOCATION

 1005 lbs.             07/10/1962         Butch Chee                Kona, Hawaii

Capt. Charles Ani was piloting the MALIA when he raised a grander behind the boat. Butch Chee had the honor of fighting the monster marlin.

06/00/19941007Vivian Kekahuna and Larry HoKaneohe, Oahu

01/15/20131008Ernie FranceKona, Hawaii

08/08/19971008Chuck BlessoNawiliwili, Kauai

04/26/19621009Fred EricksonKona, Hawaii

08/16/19941010Walter UzaWaianae, Oahu

07/06/20151010Capt. Paul Andrade & CrewHilo, Hawaii

03/11/20071011Tim RupliKona, Hawaii

03/19/20061012Wayne WatanabeSouth of O'ahu

03/31/19821012.5Pat Wond, Mitchell Meyer and Ricardo RellinWaianae, Oahu

03/25/19601014Jim SchultzKona, Hawaii

04/29/20031014Tosh ErvinKona, Hawaii

19791015Rudy PuanaKaneohe, Oahu

03/05/20011015Tori HesedahlKahe Power Plant, Oahu

02/28/19861016John DavisKona, Hawaii

07/01/19981019Daniel O'Callaghan and Capt. Brian ToneyKona, Hawaii

09/07/19911019Frank BaroneKona, Hawaii

07/08/19841020Jimmy TomeiWaianae, Oahu

05/18/20011021Ramon FloresKona, Hawaii

08/18/20121022Molly PalmerKona, Hawaii

08/21/20121024Wayne Thompson & Robert WeidengerWaianae, Oahu

07/18/20071026.4Mike Bixler, Jim Bierd and Michael SkaggsLahaina, Maui

07/29/20171032Kalei-pua TeamWaianae, HI

04/01/19821032Dirk BrittonWaianae, Oahu

04/01/20021036Paula PattinsonKona, Hawaii

05/21/19901037Stan Phillips and Donald Graciidis Jr.Kona, Hawaii

20121039.6Johnathan HarrisMaalaea, Maui

06/15/19781040Mike BenhamKona, Hawaii

01/07/20121040.5Paul MorrisKona, HI

03/21/20151040.7Rex KogaKaneohe, Oahu

07/19/19991041Mark WilbyKona, Hawaii

07/03/20131043Steve SpinaKona, Hawaii

07/12/20011045Barrett O'DonnellKona, Hawaii

06/26/19991048Rudy BasmayorKona, Hawaii

04/14/19921049Gilbert HunWaianae, Oahu

03/16/20061049Tommy WernerKona, Hawai'i

08/28/19871050James CelestinoWaianae, Oahu

05/11/19791050Gary Nakashima and Wesley TakazonoKaneohe, Oahu

05/25/19861050David Murasaki and Ricky UradaKona, Hawaii

19931051Capt. Bill Trotter and Ray Dela CruzKaneohe, Oahu

06/13/19931051Chris RobbKona, Hawaii

03/12/19891053Jimmy Akiona Sr.Kona, Hawaii

08/07/20001053Jeffery McLaughlinKona, Hawaii

20011053Tony Cordero and Leslie CansibogWaianae, Oahu

07/01/19841055Lloyd TorianoKona, Hawaii

03/31/20081056Matt PraterKona, Hawaii

02/18/20151058Kai RizzutoKona, Hawaii

09/05/19851058Bob LeggioKona, Hawaii

05/25/20151058.3Mike and Kendall MichaelisManele Bay, Lanai

07/22/19851060Herman Gomes and John LangsiKona, Hawaii

03/13/20111062Garrett HandworkKona, Hawaii

08/08/19861062Gil KraemerKona, Hawaii

06/05/20091064Tim O'HallaranKona, Hawaii

08/12/20031065.5Mike Nesbitt & Drew BradleyMiloli'i, Big Island

05/05/19951067Sandy HaughtBarber's Point, Oahu

12/29/20001070John "L.J." Benson and Mark PerkinsKaneohe, Oahu

06/00/19721070Capt. Mike DeRegoHonolulu, Oahu

07/14/20181073Steven YamasakiMakahuena

08/18/20151075Brent NelsonKona Coast

09/00/19931077Frieder Boeck and Fred PatricioKaneohe, Oahu

06/09/19911082Greg BridlerKona, Hawaii

07/05/19781088Vaughn MiyauchiKona, Hawaii

07/19/20031089Cory VellalosHale'iwa, O'ahu

09/09/19751090Coates Cobb Adams Sr.Kaneohe, Oahu

07/30/20121092Stacy, Kelly, Elijah & DenverWaianae, Oahu

05/30/19641095Henry CheeKona, Hawaii

05/25/19791100Dennis Kunahisa and CrewHaleiwa, Oahu

05/23/19671100Willie EricksonKona, Hawaii

03/05/19891100Ross Kawawaki and Charlie ChingWaianae, Oahu

10/25/19971101Andrew MauNorth Shore, Molokai

06/25/19871103Kelly EveretteKona, Hawaii

04/10/20101104Jill and John AndersonKona, Hawaii

10/25/19971106Rodney KamNorth Shore, Molokai

06/28/19941109Drew Richardson and David HarveyKona, Hawaii

03/30/19851111Darien and Clifford Jr.Kona, Hawaii

19781112Capt. Andy AndersonHonolulu, Oahu

07/01/19791112Walter KoyanagiKona, Hawaii

04/06/20011115David WolfsenKona, Hawaii

06/00/19771117Rik JonesKona, Hawaii

08/03/20021118Reese RandallLanai, Hawaii

04/20/19901120Mickey WaddopusKona, Hawaii

05/20/20051132.5Jeff Van HoveKona, Hawaii

02/10/19921140John EddyMaui (JJ-buoy)

08/09/20011140Kerwin MasunagaKona, Hawaii

06/01/20091140Daniel FuchigamiLanai, Hawaii

01/30/19921143Pat Smith and Andrea StamiforthKona, Hawaii

02/25/19781143.5Ray Bayner and Paul ChiakasKona, Hawaii

07/27/19951144Mike BanksKona, Hawaii

11/11/19981148Mike ContraresPort Allen, Kauai

09/08/19651148Bob UngerKona, Hawaii

19791150Jimmy FernandezKaneohe, Oahu

03/07/19861150Keone HoopiiKaneohe, Oahu

06/30/19871153Stan SackKona, Hawaii

19871157Donnita HamiltonNanakuli, Oahu

01/10/19921161Yasuo TakahashiKona, Hawaii

12/28/19941165Ken CortKona, Hawaii

08/19/19931166Ray HawkesKona, Hawaii

04/22/19851168Scott PreeceKona, Hawaii

01/20/19741170Bobby BrownKona, Hawaii

07/20/19881171Ron Walker and Walt Mahoney Jr.Kona, Hawaii

11/01/19961174Paul Ortiz and Chris CenaKewalo, Oahu

04/08/20021174Jeffrey RussellKona, Hawaii

06/26/20021178Armando Pacheco and Ryan WilsonHaleiwa, Oahu

09/17/19851183Steve and Sue GibbonsKona, Hawaii

03/21/19851188Thomas Duarte and Del LeidKona, Hawaii

06/23/20011190Michelle KobayashiHilo, Hawaii

06/10/19841195Don and Joan TaylorKona, Hawaii

10/29/19931199Doug JorgensenLahaina, Maui

07/00/20011200Leonard HuddyWaianae, Oahu

01/12/19881202Chris Kam and Randy MarksKaneohe, Oahu

07/19/19801205Bill and Brad Brontseme and Frank Di DonnaKona, Hawaii

05/00/19941207Al BentoSouth Shore, Oahu

04/14/19781209Louis PauloMilolii, Hawaii

03/27/20141211Robert SteffensKona, Hawaii

06/17/19951212Ivan MochidaHilo, Hawaii

01/30/20001213Daisuke YamazakiKona, Hawaii

03/01/20161222Capt. Eric Hawkins and First Mate Hopie HawkinsMolokai

05/26/20151226Dean LemmanKona, Hawaii

01/01/19861229Richard HartomKona, Hawaii

02/16/19971230Isaac KaialauWaianae, Oahu

06/18/20111236Bill Risso, Kenny Risso and Miles IwasakiKaneohe, Oahu

01/00/20101245Marvin BethuneOahu, Hawaii

04/00/19771252William Frando and Nathan LibariosKailua-Kona, Hawaii

03/25/20081252Ed NoinainKona, Hawaii

09/25/19781257Robert H. WaryasKona, Hawaii

07/06/20031258.5Miguel KoenigKailua-Kona, Hawaii

09/13/19831265Hunter ClawsonMilolii, Hawaii

03/08/19861269Jesse Masagatani and Tommy MedeirosKaneohe, Oahu

10/02/19931277Ron FooKewalo, Oahu

09/03/20031299Gary Largo and Nasario Quemado Jr.Waianae, Oahu

07/03/19881299Steve AokiKona, Hawaii

08/26/20151309Michael BilichKona Coast

09/26/19801319Chuck SullivanKona, Hawaii

06/18/19771350Harry Grace Jr.Milolii, Hawaii

06/06/19921356John Livingstone, Bruce Graham and Pete MiccollyKona, Hawaii

07/28/20151368Guy KitaokaKona Coast

05/31/19821376Jay DeBeaubienKona, Hawaii

05/05/19901400Roy HudsonKona, Hawaii

01/05/19791450Cyril and Paul BurgoyneKona, Hawaii

12/16/19881477Gary SilvaKaneohe, Oahu

03/16/19841649Gary Merriman, Rankin Smith Jr. & Roy ImamuraKona, Hawaii

03/00/19911650All of usII-buoy, Oahu

06/10/19711805Mike Wachtier, Pat Morello, Charles Lewis and Gail ChoyWaianae, Oahu

Plan wisely for your enthusiastic Big Game Fishing venture!

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