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Getting a Snoot Full

THE SNOOTER January 1998 Most of the fishing techniques we share are intended to increase your catch. However, this one should help facilitate your releases. While fishing with Roddy Hays in Madeira we developed a device to release billfish we dubbed the SNOOTER. This simple tool allows a single crew member to hold a marlin’s… Read more »

Tu Tu

By Capt. Bart Miller Two mysterious hours passed in our slow motion tug of war game with Tu Tu. There were brief moments when I could make out the marlin clearly; blood still trailing ominously from its gills, but the color had changed to a light watermelon red that faded quickly in our wake. The… Read more »

The Story of The 1,656

By Capt. Bart Miller I would like to invite you aboard my sleek fishing machine for the catch of a lifetime. Notice the large cockpit and superb tackle. There is none finer. If you need to use of the head, it’s forward on the port side. You’re welcome on the bridge and, if you care… Read more »

Tuna Samurai

By Capt. Bart Miller The year was 1974 and my new Merritt, Black Bart, had just arrived in Honolulu. We had made it just in time to be dry docked and readied for the first Hawaiian International Allison Yellowfin Tuna Tournament to be held at Pokai Bay. Fifty teams from around the islands had signed… Read more »